Winton Prep Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Literacy

CINCINNATI, OH—Winton Preparatory Academy’s first ever literacy night event, spearheaded by the school’s Title teachers, was a great success from the perspective of students, families and staff! Against the backdrop of Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, the K-8 school, located in Cincinnati, ranks literacy among its highest priorities. It serves about 320 students, 100 percent of whom are economically disadvantaged.

“The event was all about helping parents better support their children’s reading goals,” explained Principal Danielle Artl. “We provided instruction to parents on choral reading and the chunking method – basic ways parents can help strengthen their children’s reading skills.”

redcarpet_reading_winton_frameChoral reading involves parents and students reading aloud together, while chunking involves reading one paragraph at a time, then asking students questions—who, what, when, where and why?—to support and assess comprehension.

To encourage participation, the event was scheduled at a time most convenient to families. With the theme “Roll out the red carpet,” the two-hour event began on a weeknight at 5 p.m. and included a free spaghetti dinner for all participants. Students were permitted to stay after school, helping teachers prepare their rooms for the evening’s activities.

Each classroom focused on a different book, and in addition to parents learning effective ways to support student reading, hands-on activities—like making a mask in the “Curious George” reading room—engaged students.

As parents and students moved from room to room, participation cards were punched to track the number each visited. Families visiting at least three rooms earned a free, new book from the school’s “Read Box” (a play on the popular Red Box movie kiosks). Feedback from parents—about 75 families participated—was very positive, with a request for a similar event focused on math.

“Parents want to help their kids,” Artl said. “Our literacy night served to support both parents and students—providing instruction on specific ways to enhance reading skills. This first-time event is well worth repeating.”


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