Values & Performance Award Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations. And thank you to all of our nominees for making it so difficult to select winners for each award! We’re so proud and grateful for everything you do for Cambridge, the schools, and the students. Congratulations to


Megan Caranna—Winner of the Founder’s Award
Runner up: Nick McElroy
The Founder’s Award was created to honor the employee who embodies the qualities of creativity, discovery, leadership, and the values of pride and responsibility at Cambridge. The ideal candidate has made outstanding contributions to help move the company forward and is responsible for contributing to our overall success.


William Hammer—Winner of the Innovation Award
Runner up: Alison Stahlheber
This “Core Value” award is given to the person who has demonstrated out-of-the-box thinking that has resulted in new insights or positive results. This person continually looks for new effective ways for doing things that positively impact the education of our students.


De’Angela Johnson—Winner of the Service Award
Runner up: Derrick Hadley
This “Core Value” award is given to the person who has shown to be extremely customer focused. This ideal nominee continually looks for ways to improve the academic experience for each parent, student and stakeholder and uses data to accomplish this.


Ricardo Lambert—Keeper of the Flame
Runner up: Jim Niamtu
This “Core Value” award is given to the person who has shown tremendous passion. This person’s zeal for education shows in everything they do. An example of this would be enthusiastic delivery of a small group lesson on fractions, where all students were engaged and engrossed by the teacher’s exciting lesson.


Tabetha Violet—Winner of the Persistence Award
Runner up: Sean Scott
This “Core Value” award is designated to the person who is hard working and exhibits a strong work ethic. The nominee demonstrates loyalty and superior dedication to the organization. The nominee completes all job related duties with efficiency and quality.


Kevin Sparks—Winner of the Teamwork Award
Runner up: Chastity Moore
The nominee for this “Core Value” award should exhibit a strong ability to work well with others and be collaborative. This nominee demonstrates respect, patience, and strong communication skills while working together to maintain the organizations vision and mission.


Reginald Newberry—Winner of the Professionalism Award
Runner up: Natalia Bobko
The nominee for this “Core Value” award should exhibit strong personal ethics, quality work and a quality attitude. He/she embodies professionalism.


Josh Wallace—Team Member of the Year
Runner up: Pat Cole
This award is given to the person demonstrating all of the core values, and is determined to go above and beyond for their school, students, parents and the community. The ideal candidate will be a role model for our core values and have a solid, demonstrated performance related to improving student learning in their classroom, school, or across the company.


And last, but not least,

East Prep Academy—School of the Year
This award is given to the school showing exemplary performance, which could be based on a standard or based on improvement in customer satisfaction, academic performance, enrollment, retention, strong community partnerships or similar areas.