Student Profile: Meet Elias

COLUMBUS, OH—Meet Elias. Elias is a 4th grade student at Buckeye Preparatory Academy in Columbus. He is a very bright, witty, and self-sufficient young man.

EliasHe came to Buckeye Prep in January 2015 after being kicked out of his previous school for bad behavior, his mother explained in our very first meeting—which we were quite surprised to learn because that same young man just shook our hands, introduced himself, and was just as polite as could be.

After our initial meeting, when Elias integrated into his classes, he did, at first, have a hard time accepting and following our rules. However, this was very short-lived. Elias quickly found that he had a team of teachers who cared about him and were going to do whatever it took to get him interested in school and focused on success.

Elias also struggled with academics. Third grade students have four chances to pass the 3rd-grade Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAAs) and move onto the 4th grade. Elias was in danger of being held back after failing his first three assessments. But because of his teachers’ love and dedication, and his own hard work, he passed his OAAs on the fourth try during the summer administration.

And Elias did not just pass—he jumped a whopping 146 points! He had it in him all along. He just needed people who believed in him and supported him on his journey.

When Elias was asked how he feels about school now he reported, “I like school because all of my teachers are nice and I am learning every day.”

His mother was so pleased that she took his younger sister out of the school she was attending and enrolled her at Buckeye Prep as well. They are both still enrolled with Buckeye Prep and doing wonderfully!

We’re proud to serve Elias, his sister, and all our students, and we can’t wait to see what their futures hold.

Elias isn’t alone. He is just one example of our many students who have shown progress and had success after leaving their previous schools and enrolling in a school managed by Cambridge Education Group, like Buckeye Prep.

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