Student Profile: Meet Camisha

AKRON, OH—Not unlike many of our students, Camisha had seemingly overwhelming barriers to success and high school graduation. On many occasions, Camisha’s teachers would make Home Visits to look for her when she was absent from school. And her mother—who cared for her grandchild during the day so Camisha could go to school—frequently called the school to check on her.

One day, Camisha’s mother called and found out that Camisha had not been attending. camishaHer mother became fed up and told Camisha she would not care for the child any longer. With her back up against the wall, Camisha committed to finishing school and getting her High School Diploma.

On her last day of school, after she finished her last course, Camisha approached me and asked, “Mrs. Crystal, can I use the phone?” She wanted to call her mother.

When her mom answered the call, Camisha, unable to contain her excitement, bursted “I did it! I’m graduating with a high school diploma!”

Her mom didn’t believe her. She thought it was another made up story to keep her off Camisha’s back. Her excitement bubbling over, Camisha insisted “I’m graduating! I did it, mom—I really did—my last class is done and I’m finished!”

While she was on the phone with her mom, I told Camisha just to say “thank you.” She lifted her hands and proclaimed “thank you, Jesus” and began to cry.

While at the grocery store, I ran into Camisha’s mom over Thanksgiving break this past year. She approached me—”I know you. You came to my home several times.” She was so thankful that Camisha graduated and got her high school diploma.

Camisha is now attending Stark State College in North Canton, Ohio.

Camisha isn’t alone. She is just one example of our many students who have shown progress and had success with the expert care and attention provided by the teaching staff at schools managed by Cambridge Education Group, like Towpath Trail High School.

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