New Family Liaison Ensures Student Success in School and Beyond

CLEVELAND, OH—East Preparatory Academy has created a new Family Liaison position to better help their students and their families by establishing a connection between the school and home, helping to solve problems, answer questions, and decrease distractions to learning such as students needing glasses, missing dress code, coping with a death in the family, or making poor behavior choices.

Sharonna Miles was nominated and accepted the position, and has been officially serving East Prep in this capacity since January 1st, 2016.

Sharonna_EastPrepSharonna Miles has been with Cambridge Education Group for three years, working at East Preparatory Academy as the Enrollment Coordinator/Data Manager for all three. On January 1st, 2016, she officially started in her new role as Family Liaison. In this position, she is responsible for providing opportunities and guidance to East Prep students and their families.

Her priorities lie with communicating and ensuring students can, and do, conduct themselves in accordance with East Prep’s general expectations of them: Safety, On-task, Awesome Attitude, and Responsibility—or “SOAR”—as well as to evaluate the needs of the students in order to find the best resources to address their needs, such as dental exams and cleanings through the Smile Program. She will also continue her efforts to keep our daily attendance above 93%.

“Since we are the East Prep Eagles, it’s our goal for the students to SOAR. This includes soaring attendance rates,” says Sharonna.

Attendance at urban schools like East Prep takes effort to maintain, so Sharonna is assisting East Prep staff members in creating campaigns to boost attendance. A committee, led by Sharonna, meets monthly to assess East’s current attendance rates, needs, and goals and to develop attendance incentives. One such incentive is Class of the Month. The class with the highest attendance rate at the end of each month gets a party of their choice. Class attendance rates are displayed in the hallway. Additionally, students who have perfect attendance for a month are able to enter their name into a raffle to win a prize such as a gift card or gift basket.

East has already seen a significant boost in attendance since implementing this incentive. The attendance rate increased each month compared to the same period last year and has either stayed the same or increased from month to month this year.

Sharonna has also been instrumental in helping East Prep’s eighth graders prepare for high school. The Cleveland area offers multiple high school options, and through Sharonna’s efforts, the eighth grade students have been introduced to several of their options.

In December, Nexus Academy and Cleveland Design Lab presented their school offerings to East Prep’s eighth-grade students during an assembly. In January, Sharonna accompanied the eighth graders to Nexus Academy and Horizon Science Academy to tour the schools and get a feel for the high school environment.

EastPrep_Horizon8thGradeAdditionally, Sharonna is facilitating meetings between local organizations and  East Prep families to give them access to resources that they need to be successful, not only at East, but in many areas of daily life. Both Choices Behavioral Health & Wellness and Murtis Taylor Human Services System offer counseling services for our students and their families. Sharonna has also contacted Health Heroes to administer the flu vaccine to East Prep’s students in an effort to keep the students stay healthy and decrease absences during the flu season.

Even now, Sharonna is continuing her pursuit of East’s community involvement by researching new opportunities for the staff, students, and family members to volunteer and get more involved with local organizations. We are truly pleased to have Sharonna in this position here at East Prep.

Sharonna has been a tremendous asset to East Preparatory Academy and its community and will continue to do great things for them in her new role as Family Liaison. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate you!

East Preparatory Academy takes a holistic approach to educating our students. We want to provide a safe and healthy learning environment to help our students grow. To learn more about what East has to offer, to get involved, or enroll your student, visit our website.