Staff volunteering at FoodBank

Middlebury Academy Staff Sort 16,530 lbs of Food for Akron/Canton Regional Food Bank


AKRON, OH—On Friday, August 21st, all 28 staff members from Middlebury Academy volunteered their time at the Akron/Canton Regional Food Bank. Middlebury Academy wanted to get team out of the school building and into the Akron community to help the population of students they serve and remind themselves of the struggles that some go through on a daily basis just to provide food for their families.

Upon arriving at the Food Bank the staff split into two teams—a team of 10 to repackage donations for distribution and a team of 18 to sort donations—in order to volunteer their time most effectively. The first team repackaged 3,300 pounds of food, which is the equivalent of 2,775 total meals. The second group sorted more than 20 pallets or 13,200 pounds of food, which is the equivalent of 11,000 total meals.

All together, the team sorted and packaged 16,530 pounds of food—13,775 total meals for the Akron/Canton community. That’s enough to feed three families of four for over a year!

“The food bank is really in need of volunteers, and it’s really a fun time when you get a great group of people together for a common cause,” said Nikita Tidwell, Assistant Director at Middlebury Academy, “I’ve volunteered here at the Food Bank before, but I’ve never been able to move this much food!”

“We did not know that they would tell us how many pounds and meals we had moved until the very end,” said Pharon Holtrey, Senior Director at Middlebury Academy, “so while I know it would make for a better story, there was no competition. We all really just wanted to help as much as possible in the time allotted.”

The volunteer leaders at the Food Bank told the Middlebury team that they had not seen such a dedicated group of people come in and move so much food in just a few hours, especially since this was their first time volunteering in such a capacity. They invited the Middlebury team members back to the Food Bank anytime.

We all know that we, as a community school, would not exist without the community. Because our families take the time to seek us out and choose our school, we wanted to take the time to give back to them.

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