Marshall High School’s Career Readiness Program is in Full Swing

MIDDLETOWN, OH—The Marshall High SchoolCareer Readiness Program is in its final stages of development and is expected to launch September 21, 2015.

Marshall High School is partnering with local organizations to provide students with opportunities to earn academic credit by working at a job that will help them develop themselves academically, their technical skills, and/or their interpersonal skills. The internships are designed to supplement classroom learning with practical experience and will be an integral part of our students’ educational experiences at Marshall.

Students involved in these work/learn experiences will work closely with the Marshall Internship Vocational Specialist and must complete a specific number of hours of work to earn academic credit. Since the internship will count towards earning their high school diploma, typically it will replace an elective and the student will be scheduled for a shift during the session for which he or she is enrolled. So, for example, if students are enrolled for only first session in the morning, their internships will be in the morning.

The Marshall High School Internship Vocational Specialist will place the students into internships that align with their career goals, and will coordinate with the students and partnering organizations so each student’s class schedule can accommodate his or her internship. The Internship Vocational Specialist will also act as mediator if difficult a situation arises between the partner organization and a student.

“We will require our students to commit themselves to the highest standards of responsibility and behavior,” says Chuck Hall, director at Marshall High School, “and we expect them to make a solid, positive contribution to the organization in which they are working.”

Many of our students come to us because they were unable to follow the traditional path to earn their high school diplomas, and many of them are in situations that make it difficult to attend school, let alone allow them to explore their career aspirations. Marshall aims to provide them with opportunities to learn and set goals for themselves as they prepare for their post-secondary lives—whether that’s choosing a career or a college.

We’re excited to offer the internship program starting this fall. We feel it’s a win-win-win for the students, local companies, and local community. The internship will fill open, entry-level positions, enabling our students to explore their career interests and develop practical skills for that field while earning their high school diploma.

We made it our mission to develop our students into successful adults, and to us, that includes preparing them for life after Marshall. We believe that giving our students experiences in tune with their unique interests instills confidence, allows them to dream bigger, and set loftier goals for themselves.

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