June New Hires and Staffing Changes!

Meet our new directors and executive team members:


Jerry Farley


jerryJerry doesn’t do anything small—big man, big heart, big effort. He believes that great educators recognize that the best solution for helping anyone succeed comes from acknowledging that they are their own expert. Ask them what frustrates them—they’ll tell you. Ask them what would help them learn—they’ll tell you. Ask them what makes them happy—they’ll tell you. But, most importantly, ask them what they dream to be, then help them realize it.

  • Started his career in education as a direct care worker for persons with developmental disabilities then became a teacher and eventually worked his way up to superintendent of three DOP high schools.
  • Holds a B.S. and M.S. degree in Special Education from Belmont Abbey College, and a PhD. in Education from East Tennessee State University.
  • Jerry grew up an athlete playing football, basketball, and lacrosse. But his favorite sport was rugby, which he started to play in college.
  • Has gone to a Carolina Panthers game every year for 21 years ever since attending the very first ever Panther football game in Clemson, South Carolina

In your own words…
I love what I do because:
Helping a young person finish high school, earn an industry credential and get a job with a sustainable living wage not only transforms their life, but can have a profound impact on breaking the cycle of generational poverty.
Last good book: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou
Stupid human trick: I can tell what dogs are thinking
Unknown fact: There are 5 generations of cops in my family going all the way back to Ireland


Leslie Watson


Leslie is the very first warm-blooded Gator (that we know of). She was born in Gainesville, Florida and bleeds orange and blue. Leslie loves to crunch numbers—though, not in her mouth—and could spend hours under water thanks to her SCUBA certification. Now if we could just get her a water-proof laptop… Even her parents are UF Gators! However, because of good friendships she’s built, she does resist the urge to bite OSU fans as long as they aren’t playing her alma mater!

  • 5 years of experience as an Assistant Principal in a DOP High School with a focus on data in all facets of education.
  • Get ’em Gators: B.S. in Mathematics from University of Florida
  • Loves trivia and practices her skills with her two kids who are 6 and 16 years old

In your own words…
Why Cambridge:
It’s a family atmosphere! That means more than anything to me!!
Go-to karaoke song: Good-bye Earl by Dixie Chicks – You won’t hear it any better!!
Tea or Coffee? How do you take it: Coffee – Very sweet and very light
Dream Jeopardy category: Math Equations


Tracy Carter



Danielle Artl



Caroline Hill



Tonya Dumas



Brian Vannest



Welcome to the Cambridge family or congratulations on your promotion!