Invictus Unlawfully Terminates Contract

CLEVELAND, OH—November 1, 2016, Invictus High School has unlawfully terminated their management contract with Cambridge. Their termination letter did not include any legitimate cause for termination as is explicitly required in the agreement nor did it provide the requisite 30-day time period for Cambridge to cure any issue.

js_quoteCambridge Education Group has unfortunately had to take legal action against the Invictus High School board and the board members individually for this unlawful termination.

Invictus and its attorney, April Hart, have argued that Cambridge has steered Invictus’s business to vendors who they believe have “a conflict of interest” with the management company.

Of note is that the superintendent/management organization likely being installed in our place at Invictus has proven and documented conflicts of interest and financial mismanagement. And other key players with Invictus, also have significant financial interest and are expected to benefit financially from this unlawful contract termination.

The letter from Cambridge’s attorney—which can be read here—explains the legal facts associated with Invictus’s action and the contract. Also included in that document are news clippings outlining records of conflicts of interest and mishandling of school funds by Invictus’s replacement management.

“It is incredibly frustrating to have to deal with these unfounded accusations which only serve to distract [the boards] and us from educating children,” says John Stack, Executive Director at Cambridge.

He continues, “It is also unfortunate that individual board members may bear personal responsibility for damages from a lawsuit which could be avoided by simply staying focused on the facts, and allowing all of us to work towards our mission of serving inner-city children.”

We remain fully focused on improving our schools and developing strong partnerships with all our boards, partners, and communities.