Employees of the Year

All of our employees deserve recognition for the incredible work they do, not only for Cambridge, but for the students, their families, and their communities at large. We truly believe we’re making a difference in the lives of everyone touched by our schools, and that wouldn’t be possible without all of you.

We’re sure that all Cambridge communities have gone above and beyond to ensure our students are getting the best education possible, at one point or another. Our Employees of the Year have consistently gone beyond the call of duty for their schools, students, and peers. We are so proud to have you. Thank you for everything! Congratulations to:


DOP Schools:

Sean Scott, Invictus High School
Kristin McClure, Invictus East High School
Dan Loesch, Towpath Trail High School
Robert Phillips, Cliff Park High School
Jaeda Dancy, Regent High School
Melissa Opalka, River Gate High School
Ashley Woods, Mason Run High School
Jessica Brown, Old Brook High School
Tara Hullum, Lake Erie International High School
Debbie Brown, Marshall High School
Derrick Hadley, Central High School


K8 Schools:

Pat Cole, Middlebury Academy
Christine Jackson, Clark Preparatory Academy
Audra Bobbs, Colonial Preparatory Academy
Mitchell Borders, Lincoln Preparatory Academy
Asia Mason, Main Preparatory Academy
Monica Jones, East Preparatory Academy
Sherri Yates, Winton Preparatory Academy
Klarke Ransome, Buckeye Preparatory Academy
Chastitiy Moore, West Preparatory Academy


If you haven’t already, please be sure to congratulate these colleagues!