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Culture, expectations and engagement contribute to Winton Prep’s success

CINCINNATI, OH—The following is an article about our school, Winton Preparatory Academy, pulled directly from Buckeye Community Hope Foundation‘s—our sponsor’s—September newsletter.

Last month, Winton Preparatory Academy kicked off its third school year with enrollment of about 350 and a broad goal: helping each and every one of those K-8 students achieve at least one and one-half years of learning over the next nine months.

A number of strategies contribute to the young school’s early success, and its focus on student learning is reflected in its first-year overall value-added grade of “B” on the state’s report card.

Principal Danielle Artl is an enthusiastic leader who sets thetone for high behavioral and academic expectations, a positive school culture, engagement with parents and outreach to the community.Students participating in class

Known as the Winton Wildcats, students R.O.A.R. through Respect, Ownership, a positive Attitude and being Responsible. That serves to provide clear direction on behavioral expectations, which helps create an environment conducive to learning.

Located very near project-based housing in Cincinnati, Winton Prep’s student population is highly transient, and 100 percent of students qualify for the free/reduced price lunch program.

“Many of our students’ parents do not have computer access in their homes,” Artl explains. “So, we offer strategies and resources that help parents better support their kids’ learning.”

Artl and her team host family-friendly events at the school and encourage parents to visit at any time. “We receive such positive feedback from visitors,” Artl said. “Students and staff really do embrace the school’s focus on positive attitude.”

Winton Prep staff are highly engaged in the local community – from team canvas days to participation in the Winton Terrace Housing’s “Unity in the Community” Day and the recent 27th Mid-West Regional Black Family Reunion. The school’s colorful displays and opportunities to win prizes serve as a draw for both kids and adults.

“We learn so much from our outreach efforts,” Artl said. “You Group science projectnever know who you’ll meet or what they will offer to do to help.” Relationships with local businesses provide support to the school, and one-on-one conversations with parents help the school better understand students’ needs.

“Parents tell us that they like and appreciate extra-curricular activities, so we offer after-
school programs.”

Artl and her team are committed to helping students prepare for high school and, ultimately, college or career. That means personal engagement and building trust with students on an individual level.

“We’re committed to our students, and they clearly understand and appreciate that,” Artl said.

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