Core Subject Teachers are 100% Highly Qualified

Since the 2006–2007 school year, under the No Child Left Behind Act, Ohio schools are required to have 100% of core subjects taught by Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT). And charter schools are no exception. Core subjects include reading, English language arts, math, science, foreign language, government, economics, fine arts, history and geography. Teachers can meet the federal HQT definition in two ways: 1. Be fully licensed in the area they teach and fulfill qualifications designated on the HQT Worksheet Form(s) A-E; or 2. Be fully licensed in the area they teach and if eligible, achieve 100 points on either the Ohio HQT Abbreviated or Expanded Rubric.

Each year, schools receive a report for the school year prior and two school years prior—in the form of a letter—from the Ohio Department of Education stating what percentage of each school’s core subject teachers are HQT. If a school fails to meet HQT goals, 10% of the district’s Title I funds are used for professional development and/or testing to get teachers Highly Qualified.

We at Cambridge have experience with both maintaining a roster of teachers that are 100% HQT and improving rosters quickly to comply with 100% HQT standards. Colonial Preparatory Academy, Invictus High School and Marshall High School are just a few examples that exhibit our positive track record. At both Marshall and Invictus, we were able to maintain 100% HQT and at Colonial Prep, we made a 29% improvement to 100% HQT in our first year managing the school. You can view the reports from the Ohio Department of Education here.

We value our teachers as our partners in developing the rising generation to be successful adults. As our partners, their professional development is important to us and, in turn, so is ensuring that all our Cambridge teachers are Highly Qualified.

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