The Finer Point of Education Management

Schools are under ever-increasing pressure to successfully educate and graduate students, keep staff happy and engaged, plus ensure that enrollment is always on the rise. Additionally, in this age of digital and social media, it’s just as important to monitor and control the conversation online. How do you manage it all? It’s simple, you don’t. You just leave it to the experts.

Cambridge Education Group has an extensive track record of opening, operating, and managing schools. From evaluating and securing the right facility to installing the latest project- and tech-based programs, Cambridge “bridges” every gap—including maximizing your online presence and marketing efforts. Human resources? Not to worry. Just focus on your students. We’ll manage the rest.

The news that matters.

Cambridge Education Group, our partners, and the schools we represent are making headlines—and in a good way. From detailed reports on our high standards in fiscal and regulatory compliance to inspiration stories about educators making a difference, our charter schools are having a positive, life-changing effect in the classroom and out in the community. And we couldn’t be happier to share the news.